• Examples of appropriate "Do Now" activities:
  1. Copy these 5 vocabulary words and their definitions into your notebook. Yes, copying is okay as a "Do Now." It would be expected that a review of the definitions would be forthcoming.
  2. Write 5 sentences on what you think Juliet should do now and why.
  3. Write a brief summary of yesterday’s lab.
  4. Solve these three equations.
  5. Conjugate these verbs and write a sentence using each one. Use a different form for each sentence.
  6. Using complete sentences, write down three things you have learned so far about the spread of Islam.
  7. Brainstorm a list of at least 10 healthy stress-reducing activities.
  8. Write down the skill which you wish to improve today (see above example).
  9. Write down 4 things your paper needs in order to meet the criteria in the rubric.

Template to use if you want to keep a weekly Do Now sheet. Easy to keep grades.